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The Birth of The Vulva Art Project

This project was born in the early summer of 2017. The inspiration came from multiple sources. Two women, one whom hadn’t looked at her vulva till she was 39, and the other, who wanted her “pussy” photographed, and a documentary called Embrace, which is about body shame.

The combination of these things made me realize that something like this was needed. I put an ask on Facebook, hoping for at least ten women to say yes. Within two months, I had over 50 women reach out to me, many of them I didn’t know.

The Evolution of The Vulva Art Project

Due to the sensitivity of the project, all parts had to be carefully planned and executed. From the questionnaires, to the photography sessions, to the way in which each woman’s vulva was photographed and even edited. Everything had to be done with intention. This is what makes this project about the beauty and art of the vulva and not porn or medical photography.

During the whole process of creating the project, I knew the way in which it was to be revealed had to be as special. At the end of the day, this project is about shedding light on shame and releasing it, that is to be celebrated. It took months to find a space to say yes to hosting such “controversial” photography, but I found one!

The photographs will be officially revealed on February 24th, 2018 to a sold out audience of 140 individuals. The combination of amazing businesses and individuals it took to make this reveal happen is amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful.

The Vision for The Vulva Art Project

The Vulva Art Project stands in solidarity with all women, cis and trans, of all races, sizes and backgrounds. The focus and scope of our current effort aims to address the body shame experienced by women born with vulvas.

This project has also led to learning and growth. Having heard the voices of trans women (and the voices of men born with vulvas), I believe it is important to have initiatives that address their body perception and their hurt as well.

I ask that the public understand that this is a labor of love, and has consumed much of my resources. As the creator of this project, I can speak with confidence to the journey of cis women - being that this is my experience. I would need mentors and partners representing other demographics in order to correctly represent them. If you are someone who would like to help and/or be apart of this, please reach out to me.

Much good can blossom from these ideas. Let's keep talking, let's keep learning together.

Thank-you for your support, 

Arkady Brown

Arkady Brown Photography