The Vulva Photographs

This is an image of the photographs just after they were put up for the first reveal. Each panel is roughly 4ft x 3.5ft and each image is a little smaller than an 8x10. 

As you will notice all but 4 images have been blurred out, I can't give all the secrets of the vulvas away, you just have to come and see them! Find the next showing here

In showing the project, it is incredibly important to me that the photographs be seen together as a collection rather than individual photographs. This allows the viewer to see the vast differences and similarities each vulva has in a much more impactful way. 

As for the color, it's raw and beautiful. It's the uniqueness of each vulva. I have heard before that some people feel that photographing the vulva in color is too pornographic and almost too powerful. As a vulva owner, I disagree. The color is the power. It's the story of each vulva. The color of the vulva creates a visceral impact that one cannot ignore.

My goal is to have the project shown where ever it's welcomed. The project is about more than just the photographs. The project has brought on much controversy, conversation, and insight and I am open to more of it. 

Please contact me for showings and permissions. 

 ©Arkady Brown 2018

©Arkady Brown 2018